Donate to Annual Fund

Why Give to the Annual Fund?


WE ARE Whitney Young!  The budget cutbacks at CPS have resulted in severe shortfalls in funding for Whitney Young, totaling $300,000 this year. The Friends of Whitney Young (FoWY) Annual Fund will focus on funding not just extra curricular activities, but important academic support that our students need and deserve including programs such as the Math and Writing Center.

WE ARE Whitney Young! When times get tough we step up and give back. With your help we can let the school’s budget focus on retaining as many teachers as possible, so that through FoWY the important academic support remains, as well as athletics, arts and the extras that are an integral part of who we are.

WE ARE Whitney Young!  Our #1 priority will remain to provide an excellent academic experience for your child. We will continue to send every graduating senior to college. We will continue to educate your child at the highest level. We will continue to produce Champions!

WE ARE Whitney Young!  When your child was admitted to Whitney Young, it was as if you won the lottery!  Please share some of your winnings and give generously to the FoWY Annual Fund.

Every dollar matters. We ask each family to consider a gift of $500 to the FoWY Annual Fund, but any amount is helpful and appreciated. Help us reach our goal of $150,000. Keep Whitney M. Young Magnet High School the School of Champions!  Make your tax-deductible donation today.