Go all in for students that go all out!

Buiding On Excellence

Fueled by a legacy of academic excellence, our students go all out every day to develop into the very best scholars, musicians, athletes, artists, mathematicians, dancers, thinkers – you name it. After decades of wear and tear, our building is showing its age and now it’s time to go all in to make much needed capital improvements.

Support the Campaign for Whitney Young and help us reach our goal to raise $500,000 for capital improvements such as:

  • Enhancing theater experiences with new lighting benefiting all performing arts programs
  • Creating exceptional science labs with enhanced spaces and technology
  • Replacing teacher cubicles in disrepair with professional, inspiring work spaces
  • Installing new tennis court surfaces benefiting the Whitney Young tennis teams, all students and neighbors

Your donation will leave a lasting mark on our school. Please consider supporting Whitney Young at one of these sponsorship levels, but no matter how big or small, your donation is needed, appreciated and will receive broad recognition.

Help us build on excellence. Donate to The Campaign for Whitney Young today.