WE ARE ALL Friends of Whitney Young (FoWY)


We have a lot of different ways for you to volunteer.  Click here to see upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Also, please consider joining one of the committees listed below that could use your talents and time.

Development Committee

  • Plan, strategize and implement fundraising campaigns that raise money to benefit Whitney Young High School.
  • Encourage and support the fundraising initiatives of various Whitney Young clubs, departments and programs.
  • Broaden the participation of donors among the Whitney Young community as well as outside of the Whitney Young community.

Nominating Committee

  • Must be comprised of a minimum of two current Board Members.
  • Identify and interview potential candidates for new Board Members.
  • Submit a slate of new Board Members for approval at the Annual Board meeting which can be either March, April or May as determined by current Board Members.

The main purpose of the Nominating/Membership committee is to assist in recruiting and renewing members. Our committee retains or recruits members who represents the different sectors of our school both ethnically and by grade. While recruiting these committee members, we share with them upfront the FoWY Board Description and explain the responsibilities and time commitment entailed in serving on the Board.

  • Making Initial Membership Contact.
  • Contact prospective members by phone or email to invite them to join FoWY.
  • Contact all new active members personally by phone or email to welcome them to FoWY and invite them to the next meeting.
  • Contact delinquent members prior to removal and encourage them to re-engage.
  • Greet and introduce new members and prospective members at meetings.
  • Plan and implement an annual membership campaign.

Finance Committee

  • Design and implement a payment request process to ensure all disbursements made by FoWY have gone through an adequate review and approval process and contains necessary support documentation
  • Design and implement an appropriate record keeping system to store all finance related documents, such as check requests with support, banking information, revenue details, periodic financial statements, and regulatory filings
  • Responsible for drafting an annual financial budget, with revenue/fundraising goals and anticipated expenses and other contributions to Whitney Young High School.
  • Make assessments about the need for other professional services, such hiring contractors to perform audit, tax, web design, and other functions, and make recommendations to the Board.
  • Perform periodic financial position review to ensure we are on target in terms of fundraising, grant payments, and special events related items. Ensure that we have adequate cash on hand to meet our obligations to the school community.

Communications Committee

This committee is to provide communications between Whitney M. Young Magnet H.S. and parents of children attending Whitney M. Young Magnet H.S.

  • Identify and maintain FoWY branding.
  • Manage FoWY website and maintain its content.
  • Manage FoWY Facebook page to create social engaging & networking.
  • Create and maintain event and project calendar for FoWY.
  • Help publish FoWY quarterly Parent to Parent Newsletter.
  • Work with FoWY secretary to maintain information between school and FoWY.
  • Work with the school administration to promote FoWY initiatives.
  • Conduct feedback & survey to help with branding & fundraising initiatives.
  • Develop concept for WY all school directory.
  • Design, manage and execute directory.
  • Work with administration during the process.

ByLaws Committee

  • Review and maintain FoWY bylaws.
  • Make recommendations for any amendments to the current bylaws.
  • Lead FoWY yearly bylaw review.
  • Provide access to and discuss bylaws with incoming board members.

Community & Volunteer Committee
Year long

  • Build and foster a strong community of families by encouraging involvement in and attendance at school events.
  • Encourage further community building through educating parents, teachers/administration and coaches about the benefits of schoolwide fundraising efforts and social events.
  • Coordinate and plan volunteer efforts for FoWY events according to calendar.
  • Maintain Sign Up Genius account for volunteer events.
  • Work with WY admin and staff on volunteer opportunities for parents.
  • Recommend and initiate outreach efforts for WY alumni to become better connected to the school community.
  • Recommend and initiate outreach efforts for the surrounding neighborhoods to build better partnerships with the school community.
  • Provide recommendations for creating more focused efforts of inclusion and celebration of the community’s diversity.
  • Maintain information about volunteering and volunteer opportunities on the FoWY website.

Annual Fund/Grants Committee
Year long

  • Work with Development Director on the Annual Fund campaign including mailer, promotion and communication.
  • Solicit Grant proposals for distribution of Annual Fund proceeds to clubs, teams and classroom projects. Determine schedule for receipt of grant proposals, review and award of grants and determine amount of individual grant awards.
  • Meet with WYHS Principal and Leadership team to the review proposed grant awards and finalize list of grant awards after this meeting.
  • Notify grant recipients of the awards and the process to claim their grant funding.
  • Review grant documentation and forward to Treasurer for payout of grants

Student Committee
Year long

  • Must be comprised of a maximum of two student FoWY board members.
  • Recruit knowledgeable and ambitious students wanting to better the school to add to the subcommittee. These students should represent varying ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and grade levels to ensure that the subcommittee receives as many perspectives as possible.
  • Reach out to clubs/teams/programs who have benefitted from FoWY to speak regularly at FoWY board meetings.
  • Consult the FoWY board regularly.

The Student Committee is responsible for creating a liaison between the Friends of Whitney Young and the student body at Whitney Young. This committee focuses on expressing the concerns of the students. As a member of the Student Committee, one must establish a positive relationship with the student body to ensure a plentiful quantity of responses with utmost quality.