What We Fund

FoWY funds both student and teacher-requested projects,  including clubs and organizations, fine and performing arts and sports as well as large capital improvements.

FoWY Annual Fund

In this 2017/18 academic year, the FoWY Annual Fund has provided essential resources that help ensure a high quality educational experience for all 2200 Whitney Young students. We have provided over $54,805 so far this year in funding to these programs based on their requests to us. Additionally, we fund other important programs around the school such as the Math Center, Freshman Connection, Teacher Appreciation Day and more. Thank you for your support which allows this funding to happen.

2017-2018 Grant Funding Impact
2016-2017 Grant Funding Impact
2015-2016 Grant Funding Impact

In spite of our best efforts, there were many programs that were only partially funded. Your support will enrich the lives of every Whitney Young student.

FoWY Capital Campaigns

In addition to funding student and teacher-requested projects, FoWY also conducts large scale capital fundraising campaigns when major improvements are identified.  FoWY completed its largest and most successful campaign – Campaign of Champions – in 2016.  This campaign raised $500,000 over the course of 18 months and helped to fund a myriad of improvements listed below:

Science Lab
The Science Department has one new Science Lab giving students in all chemistry classes necessary labs and furnishings to help them succeed with their interesting and challenging labs, group work, and independent study.

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Red and Blue Houses
Red and Blue Houses have new furniture replacing decades-old red and blue lunchroom tables and chairs. Dolphin students have been enjoying the new space, which features a variety of furniture pieces to better accommodate a nutritious meal, a last minute study break, or even a well-deserved relaxation period. 

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Graphics Lab
Graphics Lab has received new furniture and computers enabling students in Graphic Design, Computer Image Generation, 3D Design, 2D Drawing, Digital Photography and Print Imaging to explore techniques, design work, and solve problems faced by creative professionals in fields such as advertising, publishing and design.

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WY Library
The Whitney Young Library has received new carpeting replacing the carpeting that was nearly 40 years old. This space now has a fresh, clean look making the space more attractive and usable for students, parents and visitors.

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WY Dance Studio
Jeanette Gordon, WY Dance Instructor is thrilled with the new floor in the Dance Studio. The new floor absorbs energy and offers a degree of “traction” allowing dancers to fully and artistically express their movements without fear of slipping or injury.  Over 250 Whitney Young dancers can perform confidently and safely because of our new Harlequin flooring and spring sub-floor beneath.

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